Anonymous: You and your blog are the defenition of perfect. :)

Much appreciated. 


wiccan-laced: You're attractive.

As are you.

Anonymous: I'm fangirling because you followed me back cccccc: I'm crying actually. Yeah, Yeah. Crying.

I’m not sure, who this is but no need for tears. <3 

psychosocialsam: Never told you this but I love your blog and I totally like spazzed when you started following me o: btw you are absolutely breathtaking! :)

Awe! I just came across your blog, and you seemed chill. Thank you Ms!

free-to-fly-free: Ur quite cute :p

Thanks, love. (;

ev-er-more: Why are you so perfect?

I’m not perfect Ms.

briannnamia: i'm sure people have said this to you before, but i just wanted to say that i think you are beautiful, inside and out. You seem like someone who has a big heart, and i wish i could get to know you personally, because i bet you'd be an awesome friend.

Well, you’re lovely Ms. I appreciate that a ton, and you’re more than welcome to get to know me.

Anonymous: Ur hot as hell

Much appreciated anon.

boonana3: Why're you so attractive?

Why are you sweet? haha.